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HOPE-ful Happenings

At Zero to Five, our work is guided by the Montana Institute's HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) framework, which has enabled us to collaborate with numerous partners in delivering positive experiences to families and children across Lincoln County. Explore this page for a small glimpse into the impactful work we've had the privilege of helping with.


Spring Up Sprouts

We spring up at multiple farmers markets throughout Libby, Troy, and Eureka to provide fun activities for the kiddos and awesome resources for parents. 


Trego Kids Learn and Play

TKLP was brought to life by Zero to Five's very own Casey Fuson, whos passion for cultivating HOPE has shaped an exceptional program. Casey's passion drives the development of this impactful initiative, allowing socialization opportunities for all involved.

Mountain Kids Discovery

Cierra, a Libby native, has established an outstanding private learning facility in the heart of our community. This facility offers free playgroups, as well as preschool classes tailored for 3 to 5-year-olds, and enriching after-school program catering to students from kindergarten through sixth grade.

Child Care Cohort

Our child care capacity building team works together with Zero to Five Montana and Montana Business Child Care Connect to identify solutions that expand access to high quality child care in Lincoln County.

Holiday Helpers

At Zero to Five, we believe holidays are a time for bringing communities together. Whether it's taking part in Trunk or Treat events or supporting Shop with a Cop during Christmas time, we take pride in actively contributing to creating enjoyable and secure experiences for families and children in our communities.

Local Events

Throughout the year, Lincoln County buzzes with local events. From back-to school festivities to Safety Days at the library, we're always thrilled to pitch in and support our community however we can.

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