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We are Zero to Five Lincoln County

Zero to Five Lincoln County is a collaborative effort involving various partners, agencies, and community members dedicated to enhancing the lives of families with young children across the county. Our goal is to create a county where every family with young children feels valued, connected, and empowered because we believe that every child in every corner of Lincoln County matters.

We employ five key strategies to support families with children:

  1. Streamlining community collaboratives for efficiency and effectiveness.

  2. Strengthening partner capacity through commitment and support.

  3. Connecting families with resources in respectful, accessible, and user-friendly ways.

  4. Co-creating solutions with parents/caregivers.

  5. Collaborating with partners to offer engaging opportunities for family involvement.

Our Zero to Five team collaborates closely with a diverse range of partners throughout Lincoln County to make a positive impact in the lives of our families with young children.

Our team members are locals who live and work in different parts of our expansive county, ensuring that we provide opportunities that cater to the unique needs of each community.

We cherish our little ones in Lincoln County!

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